We all experienced an extraordinarily wet Summer this year. Flash floods, record rainfall and sadly, a bill running into the thousands for many businesses up and down the country.

It appears with climate change and the ever – present jet stream messing up our weather systems, we can expect more rain, more floods, more misery. However, there are many ways you can protect your business against the doom of the floods and be prepared for the next unrelenting downpour before it happens.

Preparation and offsite archive storage are just two ways.

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How can you protect your business against future floods?

Planning, preparation and thinking ahead, is key. The UK Government offer a comprehensive guide on how to protect your business and your goods. Their guide offers plenty of tips and advice including useful resources such as a “Checklist for Flood prevention”, a “Flood floor plan” guide and a manual on “Preparing for floods”.

Ensuring you have a comprehensive insurance policy, a well thought out flood action plan and anticipating problems before they arise is central to minimising damage.

Preparing for the worst it seems (flood damage which can result in an exorbitant bill) is key.

How can you protect your archive and document storage?Protect your documents from flooding with our document storage facilities

If your archive storage is in a basement or a nearby storage facility such as a barn, your documents are particularly susceptible to damage during flooding.

Your best option is to store them offsite in a document storage facility which is designed to keep your sensitive client and corporate data- safe and dry.

Our document storage facilities are flood proof, fire proof and have state of the art security systems to keep your sensitive and important corporate data safe.

Don’t let the impending floods damage your documents, let us keep them safe and dry.

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