Most organisations have large quantities of highly sensitive data stored on their IT equipment. It is essential to keep this information safe and secure once the apparatus reaches the end of its life. The worry of confidential information getting into the wrong hands, and the fear of the consequential damage to reputation and finances, often leads to old, unwanted IT equipment being ‘stockpiled’, taking up much-needed storage space. CAS can help, we offer advanced and secure IT data disposal services.


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IT data disposal services for obsolete info

Disposal of your outdated IT needn’t be a headache. Our cost-efficient disposal service ensures that your unwanted IT equipment will be disposed of safely. Our secure methods comply with data privacy legislation and the WEEE directive.

We have industry leading accreditation, including ISO 27001 (Information Technology, Security techniques and Information security management), and over 20 years’ experience of disposing of clients’ documents securely.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling (WEEE)

Recycling of WEEE is a specialist part of the waste and recycling industry. It is a rapidly growing sub-sector due mainly to the implementation of the original WEEE Directive in the UK by the WEEE Regulations 2006, with that came the associated requirements for the recovery, reuse, recycling and treatment of WEEE.

Our WEEE compliant IT removal and disposal service include:

  • Collection of your IT equipment from your company location.
  • Cataloguing of all removed equipment and provision of an asset list and transfer note.
  • Secure disposal of digital and magnetic media guarantees devices cannot be read or retrieved.
  • A certificate of data destruction.

Using the latest technology, we shred your old or unwanted data storage devices into tiny particles that make data recovery impossible. Devices include hard drives and magnetic media including tapes, optical media (CDs/DVDs, Blu-ray), credit and identity cards, USB sticks, mobile phones and PDAs. Our simple pricing structure — we charge by the kilogram — helps make life easy particularly where there is a mix of different IT equipment.

Corporate Compliance

  • Staff sign confidentiality agreements and undergo DBS checks.
  • Facilities have securely gated perimeter fences, monitored 24/7 by Mobotix M12 CCTV cameras, records backed up off-site.
  • Optical fire beam protection system/air quality monitoring throughout.
  • Redcare security alarms linked directly to police and fire brigade.
  • All vehicles alarmed and fitted with a smart track (uTrack) vehicle monitoring system.
  • Documents are shredded on-site, waste material is recycled overseas.
  • We can use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) on all boxes stored on-site to support strict compliance regulations.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed at all times.
  • Data Protection Act 1998, ICO registered No: Z1281061.

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About CAS IT data disposal services

CAS provides comprehensive and secure document digitisation, information storage and facilities management services and IT data disposal services. For more than 20 years CAS have worked with NHS Trusts, Financial Services providers, and corporate and private clients. Our head office is just four miles from the City of London, supported by advanced storage centres across the UK. CAS has an impressive array of International certifications (ISOs). These prove our compliance with the strictest national, European and international laws. They also demonstrate our commitment to provide innovative systems for security, confidentiality and quality control in keeping your files safe and well managed.

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