Essex, the large county that sits between the coast of the North Sea and the city of London, has an endless list of things to do. From the Roman ruins of Colchester Castle to the popular beaches of Frinton and Jaywick. 

Essex has attracted some major businesses, including MS Almin, IFDS and Grant Thornton, who have moved to the County. Essex is a fantastic hub for finance and economics, where it has enjoyed a rapid rate of growth due to the success of the financial, medical, research & development and manufacturing industries. Essex's close proximity to London only emphasises its importance to the country both from a financial and business point of view but in terms of leisure also.

Many SMEs in those industries across the county look no further than CAS for their secure document storage solutions.

Essex in numbers

Population: 1.842 million
761,600 of whom are economically active.
734,100 of those who are economically active are in employment.
There are over 122,400 companies.
The unemployment rate is just 3%

Off-site secure document storage for premium office space

The Employment Land Review published in October 2014 concluded that Essex has a shortage of high-quality office space, which in turn results in an increase in premium office space, an area in which CAS specialises. CAS archive storage and secure document storage can provide you with expert document storage solutions for premium office space across the county of Essex. Our services allow for organisations, in particular SMEs, to secure their documents and records securely without it affecting their access to live files.

Reduced insurance costs for Essex-based SMEs

SMEs in Essex who utilise CAS secure document storage can also benefit from reduced insurance costs. Insurers often allow you to reduce your costs if critical documents are stored off-site in secure fired-proofed facilities. This is due to the fact that off-site storage reduces the business impact of damage to premises, which therefore reduces the costs associated with business continuity plans.

Modern businesses supported by CAS

Essex is a place full of great opportunities for modern business, with industries such as advanced manufacturing, business services, logistics and other growing industries thriving throughout the county. CAS offers Secure document storage in Essex and CAS-Cloud storage services for companies in any of these sectors and can demonstrate particular expertise and valuable knowledge and experience in document management for financial services companies, the legal profession healthcare sectors.

Secure MedTech R&D document and medical records storage

The medical technology sector provides an excellent opportunity for Essex over the coming decade. The global medical technology sector (MedTech), is worth £150-170 billion, and the UK's share of that market is estimated at £15 billion. The MedTech Campus is located in Essex's capital, Chelmsford, and is well placed to maximise the opportunities, making use of its links with Broomfield Hospital and other private healthcare providers in the area. Anglia Ruskin University’s Medical Business Innovation Centre (MEDBIC), caters for medical and advanced engineering start-ups, providing research and development facilities on site along. CAS can provide efficient and secure R&D file and medical records storage for companies operating in this area. Our advanced services offer the highest levels of security and 24/7 access through CAS-Cloud. We have an excellent track record of working with organisations whose document archive arrangements are complex and demanding – and ensuring that we help fulfil clients’ obligations set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Find out how we relocated and digitised over 20,000 confidential client health care files for the Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust.

Accredited financial records storage for Essex

Evidence provided through the research undertaken by Regeneris Consulting (a specialist economic development and regeneration consultancy), indicates that there is a large opportunity for growth in the finance and professional services sector across Essex. At CAS, we are experts at storing, transporting and managing sensitive personal data including financial records. As such, we are ideally placed to offer Essex’s financial service providers a range of bespoke and high-quality document management and facilities management solutions that meet the standards required by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

CAS also holds these accreditations:

• ISO 15489, Information and Documentation — Records Management
• ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
• ISO/IEC 27001, Information Technology, Security Techniques and Information Security Management:
• ISO 14001 Environmental Management

Secure document storage in Essex will continue to play a fundamental role in helping to ensure the prosperity of the county, and CAS can help businesses in the region to play their part. CAS is fully compliant and up to date on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which arrived back in May 2018, replacing the old Data Protection Act 1998. 

Data Sources: Office for National Statistics (ONS), Chelmsford City Council, Chelmsford Business Board,, Chelmsford Economic Strategy 2017.