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4 Key Characteristics To Look For In A Secure Medical Document Storage Company

A high-quality medical records storage system is a must for all healthcare organisations, as inefficiency could threaten patient safety. Prompt access to records is essential for medical practitioners to make informed decisions for their patients, in addition to meeting...

How Long Do NHS Records Have To Be Kept For?

If you work in any part of the National Health Service (NHS), you're inevitably going to have to work with paperwork as well as patients. Medical notes, meeting minutes, financial receipts, equipment logs, and visual media (such as X-Ray slides) are all part and parcel of...

6 Benefits Of Scanning Medical Records

There are multiple benefits from moving medical records from paper to electronic form but it's important to use a reputable scanning company that can give you the security and peace of mind you need. Here's why scanning can help you:

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